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Government Consultation on Equal Civil Marriages - You Don't Live Like I Do [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Carefully, Correctly Wrong

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Government Consultation on Equal Civil Marriages [Mar. 15th, 2012|01:52 pm]
Carefully, Correctly Wrong
Originally posted by strange_complex at Government Consultation on Equal Civil Marriages
In favour of equal civil marriages? Then it's ACTION TIME! The government's consultation on introducing them opens today, and it's very important for positive voices to be heard. This is not a foregone conclusion, and if we want it, we need to say so loudly and clearly.

It's About Time gives information on the consultation, tips on what sorts of things supporters might say, and a link to where to go to say them (click on 'Take Part'). Please take the time to speak up if you support this proposal. This is not just another online petition, but a direct government consultation where you can really have an influence.


[User Picture]From: vogelbeere
2012-04-25 12:44 pm (UTC)

equal civil marriage?

Why has everyone just caved in to the government's pathetic climbdown on equal religious marriage, and started referring to equal civil marriage?

There are religions, and GSD (gender and sexually diverse) people within those religions, who want equal religious marriage.

Liberal Judaism, Quakers, Reform Judaism, Unitarians, Metropolitan Community Church, and Pagans want to do same-sex marriages, and fully endorse equality. There are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in these religions who want to be married in front of their religious community.

There is a section on the consultation where you can say whether you want equal religious marriage. Please do so, and say that you support the right of religions who want to offer equal marriage to do so.

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[User Picture]From: diffrentcolours
2012-04-25 01:00 pm (UTC)

Re: equal civil marriage?

There's been no "pathetic climbdown" on equal religious marriage, since the Government have never pledged that.

As a Lib Dem, I support full marriage and CP equality, and LGBT+ Lib Dems' step-by-step guide to the consultation includes the religious responses that you mention. If the draft Bill doesn't include religious marriage, Lib Dem MPs will submit amendments.
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