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Carefully, Correctly Wrong

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Geek Advice: Desktop Build System [Dec. 11th, 2011|06:49 pm]
Carefully, Correctly Wrong
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I'm sending the below mail to Aria; anything I've forgotten? I'm basically looking for a desktop-format box with plenty of RAM and CPU to run VMs and use for word processing, DTP etc. I'd like it to be quiet most of the time, but be able to deal with multiple VMs when the occasion calls for it.

I'm wondering if you can help me. I am looking to buy a new desktop system. I have particular requirements which don't seem to be met by your pre-built systems, but I'm not confident about trying to match components for a working system. Basically, I'm looking for a desktop machine which I will be using as a sort of home server. I won't be using it for gaming. I'm a network admin and will be using virtual machines to experiment with different setups.
  • Mininum quad core CPU (or 2 dual-core) with hardware-accelerated virtualisation (VT)
  • Min. 8GB RAM, upgradeable to 16 or 32GB
  • No hard disks (I have these already)
  • Intelligent power-saving including PSU
  • Multiple on-board SATA 2 connectors
  • On-board ethernet
  • Intel on-board graphics
  • 22" or 24" 1920x1080 monitor
  • Ergonomic keyboard (wired)
  • Mouse (wired)

Can you recommend a system or set of components that would meet these requirements?


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[User Picture]From: tobestool
2011-12-13 06:51 pm (UTC)
Without wishing to sound condescending, why do you need their help with this? I'd have thought pretty much any off the shelf i5 or i7 would be up to that, both the h67 and p68 chipsets offer onboard graphics, and I can't remember the last time I saw a motherboard without onboard Ethernet...

I'd have thought you are in a much better position to know what items will run happily with open source software than Aria, perhaps you should mention what you intend to run?

Is it just a case off too much choice that working out the best combination is at best time consuming, and at worst a stab in the dark, or is there a deeper reason you want them to recommend a system?

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[User Picture]From: tobestool
2011-12-13 06:55 pm (UTC)
That really wasn't meant to sound quite so much 'just do it yourself' as it did. You may also wish to check out scan.co.UK as they have a wider range of baroness bundles than Aria seem to.
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