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Carefully, Correctly Wrong

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Summerisle [Nov. 7th, 2011|08:34 am]
Carefully, Correctly Wrong
Weekend less busy or productive than expected. Friday night currybeer was awesome fun. Managed to get a new friend along, who had a lovely time and said he'd return. Had more beer than usual, didn't get home until gone 1am and promptly slept for much of Saturday. goodqueenmolly wasn't well enough to go out to fireworks, but we did take a trip out late-night shopping at a supermarket, such is our rock and roll lifestyle.

Spent Sunday feeling a bit crap, playing Ratchet & Clank on the PS3, and cooking tasty dinner food. I booked plane tickets to go and see wehmuth in a fortnight, and the weekend ended with Half-A-Pig, the latest addition to our household, singing songs from the Wicker Man in his reedy demi-porcine voice. Frankly I'm quite glad it's Monday...

Update: My faint dread at Half-A-Pig seems to have overshadowed this entry. I actually had quite a nice weekend. Not as busy or productive as anticipated, but still pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable.