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Akira the Don - "Manga Music" [Oct. 26th, 2011|10:39 pm]
Carefully, Correctly Wrong
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I've pimped the music of Akira the Don here before, as has markeris through whom I discovered him. Recently, he's brought out his new mixtape, Manga Music, sampling and referencing the films that Manga Entertainment brought us in the early 90s (and The Sisters of Mercy on Dominion Tank Police for you goffs).

As this interview with Comics Alliance points out, the stuff that Manga Entertainment brought into the UK was most of my generation's first exposure to anime, and very unlike anything we'd experienced before. It's easy and fashionable to mock the crappy dubbing, poor translation and focus on sex and explosions these days, but in those almost pre-Internet (and certainly pre-broadband) times, those VHS tapes were the best we had - and if they hadn't proved there was a mass market for anime and manga, the wide variety readily available in UK shops these days might never have happened.

So listening to the mixtape is not only an experience in great music with fine rapping and fantastic production, but also a nostalgia trip for my teenage years, and the times when I was being introduced to goth and industrial music, anime, Command and Conquer, Doom deathmatches on null-modem-linked 386s and some of my closest friends. And of course the visuals, the stories, the sex and explosions, and the soundtracks of some great anime films.

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